Service Dispatch Software from SAWIN

When you choose service dispatch software from SAWIN, of course you’ll be able to effectively and efficiently create, book, assign, manage, and complete work assignments for the day – but our software provides an even more robust experience for your business. As leaders in the service management software industry, our multi-tiered dispatching software will help bring your company to a peak level of automation – and higher profits.

We’ve created SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE, a comprehensive service & installation management software package, and to date it has helped numerous service contracting firms with their specific needs. Whether you need dispatch software for your heating & cooling company, plumbing organization, or mechanical contracting firm, we can help. Virtually any service firm that sells, installs, maintains, and repairs any type of equipment will benefit from our SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE dispatch solution – including yours!

Learn how SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE helps meet & exceed your service dispatch needs.

When you choose SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE, you’ll have access to all of the benefits our service dispatch module has to offer. See your business succeed when we help you in these areas:

  • Mobile Service Solution: SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE offers proven, award-winning mobile solutions, which are currently being used by over 1000 field personnel on a daily basis. Instantly transmit service calls to your mobile work force giving them the ability to receive work orders, complete services, and invoice customers in the field. They also have select visibility into relevant information on your service customers including service history, equipment logs, contract info, and more. Utilize the latest mobile technology to maximize efficiency and increase profits by eliminating redundancy, double-entry, hand-written invoices, and user error.
  • Service Locations/Service History: SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE tracks a wealth of information on your service customers. Complete service history is kept on all service calls created, parts used, equipment installed, technicians on the calls, recommendations, billing information, and much more.
  • Equipment History: Instantly review the full details of all the equipment at a customer site, including service calls performed, parts used, warranty dates, serial numbers, planned maintenance, parts required, revenue/cost associated with each piece of equipment, and more.
  • Call Booking: A User Friendly Call Booking Screen with a scripting option, which automatically alerts personnel to scheduling conflicts, budget overbooking, technician qualifications, etc.
  • Dispatching: A User Friendly yet robust Dispatching Tool, which allows your Personnel the overview and insight they need to efficiently manage pending service calls, calls running late, truck and technician movement, and the options to interact with Mobile Solutions in the Field.
  • Pricing: SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE has two methods for pricing Service Calls, Flat Rate and Price Sheets (T&M). SAWIN clients have the option to import Flat Rate pricing from 3rd party providers or they can create their own Flat Rate pricing within the SAWIN system. Price sheets (T&M) allow multiple pricing structures for parts, labor, etc. based on the cost and margins that you set.
  • Service Accounting: Since SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE is truly integrated, the process of posting service calls is streamlined and concise. Multiple service calls on a multi-day project can be combined into a single ticket/invoice and technician hours can be verified and processed for payroll without duplicate entry. Invoices can are presented in multiple formats and can be emailed directly from a mobile device, printed in the field, or created in the office. Service Accounting includes reports for tracking both invoices and cash receipts collected by technicians in the field with or without the use of our Mobile Solutions.
  • Service Payroll: The SAWIN Dispatching System automatically creates time cards for technicians based upon their daily activity. These time-cards can then be calculated to produce payroll reports that can be used to generate payroll through SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE or 3rd party services such as ADP, Paychex, etc.
  • Service Contracts: Since SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE was originally designed by an HVAC contracting firm, we understand the specific requirements for creating and tracking Planned Maintenance (PM) Service Contracts. We give our clients the flexibility to sell and maintain Service Contracts based on their specific business model and the system handles reserve/deferred accounting. You can set up a maintenance contract for one piece of equipment, one contract for multiple pieces of equipment, or a combination. Contract invoices can be automatically generated by the system, as well as renewal letters/emails. With our Integrated Credit Card Processing, the renewal of contracts can be processed quickly and efficiently and there are a variety of reports including contract profitability, contracts expiring, and much more.
  • Automatic Call Booking: Planned Maintenance (PM) calls for service contracts can be automatically booked by the system to help you stay on top of your appointments without having to review each individual contract. Once the Planned Maintenance (PM) calls are booked they are easily tracked on the dispatch board.
  • Quotes: Service techs can be given the ability to create quotes for add-on, replacement, equipment sales, and additional services. Quotations can be emailed or printed and then converted into service calls if sold. Canned reports for managers help track appointments with customers, pending quotes, and sales.
  • Profitability Analysis Reports (KPI’s): SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE includes profitability and performance analysis on technicians, types of services, and customers for management review.
  • Management Reports (KPI’s): Sales revenue and analysis reports provide a solid basis for tracking sales by a variety of items, including customer source, salesman, customer type, individual customers, etc.

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