Sales & Marketing Software from SAWIN

Do you want to immediately boost the profitability of your business by increasing revenues and reducing operating costs? You can, when you choose sales & marketing solutions from SAWIN Service Automation. With our marketing automation software, you’ll be able to forecast revenues accurately, track every lead, follow each deal through the pipeline, and understand where bottlenecks occur – and why. We’ve created SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE, a comprehensive service & installation management software package, and to date it has helped numerous service contracting firms with their specific needs. Our sales & marketing software will help you stay on top of key sales metrics that determine your organization’s success – such as sales pipeline, forecasting, and performance over competitors, with instant access to standard and custom reports. What’s more, virtually any service & installation business will benefit from our SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE marketing solution – including yours!

See how SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE can help you meet your sales and marketing needs.

When you choose SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE for your marketing solutions, you’ll enjoy all the benefits that come with our robust software package including:

  • Mobile Sales Solution: SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE offers proven, award-winning mobile solutions, which are currently being used by over 1000 field personnel on a daily basis. Allow your Salesforce the ability to create proposals at the customer’s location to maximize closing ratios. Salesmen can utilize user defined templates from the SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE base system and then modify them as needed for each specific job. They can also give the prospective customer package options based on their budget, and payment options as well. Utilize the latest mobile technology to maximize efficiency and increase profits by eliminating redundancy, double-entry, hand-written proposals, and user error, with our sales force automation.
  • Forecast revenues accurately: Track every lead and follow every detail through the pipeline. Understand where bottlenecks occur and why sales are lost. Stay on top of key sales metrics that determine your organization’s success— such as sales pipeline, forecasting, and performance over competitors with instant access to standard and customized reports.
  • Forecast projects accordingly: Because the sales pipeline is completely transparent and continually updated in real time, everyone in your organization — including field sales, purchasing, fabrication, scheduling, and corporate executives — possess a clear, reliable understanding of near-term future events, and can focus their resources accordingly.
  • Close more deals: Increasing visibility of your sales process enables your sales managers and executive team to know precisely what the Sales Force is working on, so they can collaborate to transform prospects into profitable customers. Teams across your organization can effectively work together to close accounts by scheduling events, assigning tasks, coordinating meetings, flagging new opportunities, and updating client files on every account.
  • Seize all sales opportunities: Since each lead is entered and tracked through the pipeline in real time, no opportunity is ever missed, and no competitive challenge goes unnoticed. Utilizing an “opportunity” based sales model gives your Sales Force the most effective method in managing each sales lead, and in turn gives your managers a better method of tracking sales performance.
  • Enable collaborative and consistent customer management: Real-time, company-wide access to detailed account data enables you to facilitate collaboration between sales & marketing personnel, installation scheduling, and customer service. With instant access to all communications, including email, calls, notes, recommendations, resolutions, and more, you can collectively manage customer relationships across your entire organization seamlessly.
  • Recognize “Big Picture” market trends: SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE makes it easy to review, “slice and dice,” or otherwise analyze current and historical sales data to immediately spot changes in customer behavior or shifts in key market indicators. Armed with a comprehensive contextual view of both past and current events, your sales organization naturally responds to evolving customer needs.
  • Measure and maximize campaign effectiveness: Whether your leads come from your Web site, telephone, or other marketing sources, you will always have the reports to show you how your marketing dollars are best spent for finding highly qualified prospects. You can justify your sales and marketing expenditures and continually improve the effectiveness of all your marketing activities by leveraging detailed tracking, reporting, and analytical tools that give you precise measurements of the success of everything from a single radio spot to a year-long multi-media campaign.
  • Optimize market segmentation: By utilizing canned and user defined fields within SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE you can segment customers into identifiable groups and deliver a unique marketing campaign to each group. You can rapidly facilitate customer communications, lead cultivation, and cross-sell / up-sell campaigns by delivering personalized messages directly to the inboxes of targeted customers or prospects. By giving sales and marketing professionals access to a growing stable of standard, customizable templates, you can ensure that email messaging is consistent with marketing communication strategies. Target lists are easily imported from 3rd party vendors and can also be exported for sharing with direct mail houses and partner agencies.
  • Reports: Sales revenue and analysis reports provide a solid basis for tracking sales by a variety of items, including customer source, salesman, customer type, individual customers, etc.

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At SAWIN Service Automation, our constant aim is to assist service contracting firms with their specific software needs. If you’d like to learn more, please call toll-free at 800.774.7218 and one of our sales representatives will be more than happy to assist with your needs.