Payroll Software from SAWIN

Your employees work hard for you, which is why you want to make sure they receive their pay in an accurate, timely manner. If you don’t have the right employee payroll software for the job, you can’t be sure you’re satisfying your employees’ needs. Running payroll internally doesn’t have to be a chore – it can further streamline your operations when you utilize the payroll processing software from SAWIN Service Automation. We’ve created SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE, a comprehensive service & installation management software package, and to date it has helped numerous service contracting firms with their specific needs. Whether you need payroll software for your heating & cooling company, plumbing organization, or mechanical contracting firm, we can help. Virtually any service firm that sells, installs, maintains, and repairs any type of equipment will benefit from our SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE payroll solution – including yours!

Payroll services that work for you are as easy as choosing SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE.

When you count on payroll software from SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE, you’ll have access to many benefits, including:

  • Union Deductions: Accounts for union deductions for multiple unions and trades with the union reports. Our payroll software ties detailed union reports directly to payroll earnings.
  • Multiple Earning Categories: Earning categories can be tailored for the employee who has multiple earnings, for example: Salary, Hourly, Commissions and Non-Taxable Earnings.
  • Unlimited Deductions: Deductions are unlimited, and can be added, disabled. Deductions are prioritized.
  • Unlimited State Taxes: Our payroll tax software allows a company to account for multiple state and local taxing authorities.
  • 401K: Allows for 401K deductions, as well as modifications in the future due to tax changes or employee requirements.
  • Commissions: Tracks commissions for salespeople, techs and office staff. Allows for different taxation of commissions from base salary. Draws and commissions earnings accounting.
  • 941 & W-2: Prints federal and state 941 quarterly reports, as well as yearend W-2, 1099 forms. Make sure to check if any payroll software you are considering can handle these forms.

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At SAWIN Service Automation, our constant aim is to assist service contracting firms with their specific software needs. If you’d like to learn more, please call toll-free at 800.774.7218 and one of our sales representatives will be more than happy to assist with your needs.