Job Costing & Installation from SAWIN

Providing accurate estimates to your clients – both residential and commercial – is an important part of running a business in the service industry. Not only is it necessary to provide your customers with a price that’s fair and correct, but it also speaks to your integrity as a businessperson. Now you can have the reliable job costing system you need, thanks to software solutions from SAWIN Service Automation. We’ve created SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE, a comprehensive service & installation management software package, and to date it has helped numerous service contracting firms with their specific needs. Whether you need job cost & installation software for your heating & cooling company, plumbing organization, or mechanical contracting firm, we can help. Virtually any service firm that sells, installs, maintains, and repairs any type of equipment will benefit from our SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE job cost & installation solution – including yours!

Job costing is made simple when you choose SAWIN Pro for your needs.

When you choose SAWIN Professional for your job costing software needs, you’ll have access to our complete suite of job costing software. Here’s what you’ll get with SAWIN Pro:

  • Mobile Installer Solution: SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE offers proven, award-winning mobile solutions, which are currently being used by over 1000 field personnel on a daily basis. Instantly transmit installation assignments to your mobile work force giving them the ability to receive work orders, complete services, and track their progress in the field. Utilize the latest mobile technology to maximize efficiency and increase profits by eliminating redundancy, double-entry, hand-written payroll slips, and user error.
  • Estimating: Create estimates for jobs utilizing easy to use templates that you create. Easily select equipment, parts, and materials from inventory and labor amounts, using user-defined price sheets and margins. Proposals can be created in the field or in the office and turned into contract jobs if accepted.
  • Group/Phase/Task Capabilities: Installation jobs can be tracked and billed utilizing a Group/Phase/Task approach, giving distinct control and detail for tracking specific tasks, work components, and logical completion flow.
  • Job Status: View the status of all your jobs at any point of completion with all the details including budget, committed, actual, remaining cost, etc. User defined fields provide the capability to customize the job master to suit specific company tracking requirements.
  • Permit Tracking: Track the status of permits required for job sites and be alerted to permits that must be obtained before work on jobs is delayed.
  • Installer Scheduling: Schedule and assign your installation teams to jobs, phases of jobs, and specific tasks. Job Scheduling will allow installers to remain at the same job over a period of days in one easy step.
  • Technician Scheduling: You also have the option to schedule and assign your service technicians to jobs, phases of jobs, and specific tasks utilizing the Service Dispatch aspect of SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE.
  • Contract Invoices: Invoice customer using several invoice styles (including AIA) on a percentage completion basis or manually entered dollar amounts. The system automatically tracks retainage for you.
  • Retainage Billing: The system will automatically bill retainage on a job from previously billed contract invoices. Print invoices upon demand or use the system’s tickler reminder dates to alert you and trigger the billing of retainage.
  • Warranty Tracking: Track multiple types of warranties provided on equipment in the contract including Manufacturer, Builder and Extended Warranties. All warranty information entered in contracts will be available in the equipment logs in Service/Dispatch.
  • Management Reporting: View job status and profitability in summary or detail levels by individual jobs, by job “types” or by user defined grouping fields.
  • Integration to Service Dispatch: Once the job is created, the job location can be automatically turned into a service client in the Service/Dispatch application, as well as creating a new AR client, without any double-entry. All equipment sold and warranty information from the job will be available in the service master for future interaction with the service department.
  • Integration to Accts Receivable: Contract and retainage invoices are posted into the Accounts Receivable application for collection and sales reporting. A/R Aging reports can reflect unbilled retainage, if desired for Bank reporting. Special statements can be printed for only retainage invoices to facilitate collection of retainage.
  • Integration with Payroll: Review installer/technician time cards from scheduling and post to the Payroll application for regular payroll processing. Labor job cost can either reflect hourly rates with an overhead factor added or reflect the actual payroll expense including FICA, Medicare and other payroll costs.
  • Integration with General Ledger: Simplified WIP accounting. All general ledger transactions generated from the Contracting application post to GL with fields such as job# and phase for detailed reporting and profitability analysis.

Choose SAWIN Pro for the job costing software you need for your service business.

At SAWIN Service Automation, our constant aim is to assist service contracting firms with their specific software needs. If you’d like to learn more, please call toll-free at 800.774.7218 and one of our sales representatives will be more than happy to assist with your needs.