Accounts Payable Software from SAWIN

In order to keep your business running smoothly, it’s essential that your finances be kept in good order. The best way to do that is by using accounting software that offers robust accounts payable features. Luckily, getting the accounting software you need to do the job right is as easy as choosing the SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE software package from SAWIN Service Automation. We’ve created SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE, a comprehensive service & installation management software package, and to date it has helped numerous service contracting firms with their specific needs. Whether you need accounting software for your heating & cooling company, plumbing organization, or mechanical contracting firm, we can help. Virtually any service firm that sells, installs, maintains, and repairs any type of equipment will benefit from our SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE accounting solution – including yours!

Learn more about the multi-tiered approach SAWIN PRO ENTERPISE takes to your accounts payable needs.

When you choose SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE, you’ll have access to all the benefits our accounts payable software has to offer. We can assist you with the following:

  • Vendor Information: View a wide variety of vendor information at the click of a button such as current account aging, payment history, purchase history, notes, special payment agreements, pending reviews, etc. Default G/L account(s) can be setup for vendors to speed up invoice entry.
  • Multiple Accounts: The SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE system handles multiple Accounts Payable accounts, multiple checking accounts and departmental accounting.
  • Invoice Features: Invoices can be checked against purchase orders for verification of correct pricing and quantities. Disputed invoices can be “flagged” and placed on hold.
  • Manual Checks: Invoice entry window allows for direct input of check information to create one step processing of manual checks.
  • Check Printing: Use several reports for selecting invoices to pay. Selections include invoices within discount periods, invoices for vendors who charge service charges, invoices due within date ranges and specific invoices. The SAWIN Professional AP system prints computer checks and handles manually written checks also against pre-entered invoices.
  • Void Checks: Voiding checks automatically reinstates invoices as open for payment.
  • 1099 Printing: At the end of each year the system will automatically print your 1099s for subcontractors. An overview report is provided to show all vendors receiving 1099s as well as individual statements for each vendor documenting the totals on the 1099 forms. Reports can be generated to track subcontractors with incomplete tax id information.
  • Special Payment Arrangements: The SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE system can track special payment agreements made with vendors for past due accounts or items such as loan payments. These prearranged payments will automatically appear in all Cash Requirement reports and reports for scheduling invoices to be paid.
  • Insurance Certificates: The system facilitates tracking of insurance certificates on vendors to assist in tracking and management of sub-contractors. Users are alerted to vendors with blank insurance certificate information or expired certificates.
  • Integration with Purchasing: Users in invoice entry can pull-up purchase order information for verification of vendor invoices.
  • System Reporting: The SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE A/P system includes various reports for purchases, payments and vendor analysis, vendor labels, etc.

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At SAWIN Service Automation, our constant aim is to assist service contracting firms with their specific software needs. If you’d like to learn more, please call toll-free at 800.774.7218 and one of our sales representatives will be more than happy to assist with your needs.