Service Automation Announces New Website

Service Automation, Inc. is pleased to announce our new website. Created with our clients in mind, our new site is clean, easy to navigate and provides complete information on all of our products and services. Customers will easily be able to communicate with us online, and our new design is desktop, laptop, tablet and Smartphone compatible, in a platform that’s both user-friendly and mobile.

Our new site has well-defined sections that allow clients to easily find information on their specific need. We have broken down the modules of our SAWIN Professional software package so clients can easily get to know the products we offer, and how they will work for their company. Clients will find convenient contact forms on all of our product pages, so you can easily communicate your needs to us, quickly and efficiently.

Our new website was conceived and designed by MPW Marketing, a New York advertising firm specializing in service industry marketing. “Our priority for Service Automation was to create a site for them that was great for their clients – one that offered visual appeal and ease of use,” said MPW Marketing owner and online director Matt Wilson. “The look of Service Automation’s new site is clean, modern and easy to use. We hope that makes their clients better enjoy visiting their website.”

Service Automation invites you to browse our new site and find out more about how we can help you with your service industry software needs. We hope you find our new site simple to use and packed with all the information you need about our great products, engineered to specifically meet the needs of the service industry. Thank you for your visit, and we encourage you to contact us to find out how we can assist you.

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