When you contact SAWIN Service Automation regarding our SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE software, you should know that we value your time and resources. Our honest sales approach has given us a wealth of satisfied clients and the luxury of positive references as a result. But don’t just take our word for it –read testimonials from actual customers, and see the numerous service industries we’ve helped:

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T. E. Spall & Son Inc. is a full service Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation company. We purchased and implemented SAWIN in 2005. It was a big step for us going from paper systems and QuickBooks accounting to a fully integrated business and customer management software system. Heather did our onsite training and was wonderful. As you would expect we needed support beyond the initial 3 day on site training. We had many more questions after that training and would use telephone and web/ex conferences to get us through, and their support after the sale was there.
As we have grown we changed with the times, we added the store and forward mobile application with field computers for our technicians. As you would expect it was not a seamless transition, but SAWIN was there to work with us ironing out the issues and getting up to speed.
SAWIN has allowed us to grow with a solid business and customer management platform. I have referred SAWIN numerous times over the years and continue to do so! No software package is perfect, however I believe SAWIN has a well balanced package for service related businesses. I thank the team at SAWIN for their continued efforts pioneering the changes to keep us ahead of the curve.

Thomas E. Spall President, T. E. Spall & Son Inc. March 30, 2016

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An open letter of thanks for Service Automation.
MELROY is probably one of the oldest users of SAWIN software. We started when the system was written with Pick language, similar to Unix under another owner. My biggest concern going electronic was to maintain our service to our customers and protect our records. We need to remain ready no matter what. Short of a total disaster the company goal is; “up and running in 24 hours or less”. Men with take home trucks are on duty as if nothing happened. In the old paper days the data we stored was always there short of a fire or flood; no electricity needed. Today we run two different companies on this software with over 85,000 client records. The task to maintain quick access to customer and accounting electronic records requires storage, speed and reliability. Yet everything can fail. So in our disaster plan we include SAWIN.
When disaster struck.
Our newest server failed in less than a year. Our local technology company failed us, yet we continued to operate. Fortunately our SAWIN data base is backed up M-F and was placed on two other storage drives. Imaging due to its size was backed up weekly. My next call was to SAWIN to discuss our options. My idea of using our older server was agreed on and within a day SAWIN updated the old version and uploaded our database. I cannot thank Mike Miller and SAWIN enough for being ready to help us stay in business. We made a short term sacrifice not using the image file but we have recovered normal operations. We lost 7 days of service data but in four days my staff did a tremendous job restoring it all while keeping up with normal business. SAWIN was responsive and continued to assist in all the finer points of making sure all the work stations linked up including dealing with the corrupted file crumbs we had to fix. I found a new IT guy and I am shopping a new server. Without him we would have lost six months of photos and other word document records, forms and information. Now I am thinking two servers to maintain uninterrupted operations. SAWIN gets my recommendation. They can do it when you need them the most. All their people work well and are dedicated to customer service. I know many professionally and have always been pleased by the owners’ dedication to improvement and service. Heh, you better give good service if it’s in your name! To others like Heather and even Donna, one of their newest who helped us upgrade, a special thankyou also. To the Haycrafts, I wish you continued success building a great company with a great staff. After all, who knows great service better than the plumbing heating cooling & electrical industry?
Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou,

H. Lance Bent CEO, Melroy Plumbing & Heating Inc March 29, 2016

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CroppMetcalfe has been around since 1979 and has grown primarily by providing good service and developing relationships through service agreements. We have 215 employees in which 160+ are field personnel inclusive of technicians, helpers, and sales personnel. Our main focus is on residential and commercial heating, air conditioning, plumbing, pest control, indoor air quality, security systems, and home theater. We have been using the SAWIN system since 2004 and it has been instrumental in helping us to service our customers better. Not only does it maintain our daily operations, but it has allowed us to find new ways to improve our operations and to market our existing customer base to reduce costs and increase revenue. Over the past year, our Company has been busy moving into a new headquarters, transitioning to a new organizational structure, and implementing a new phone system. Now we will be turning our attention to implementing more of the SAWIN features such as mobile, bar-code, and @Road interface. It has been a pleasure working with SAWIN and we feel confident that they will continue to be a strategic ally for us into the future

Brian Cropp CroppMetcalfe March 23, 2016

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We have been using SAWIN service software for over 15 years. They are an extremely innovative software company implementing the latest technologies. What makes them better than other service software companies is their willingness to listen to their customers needs and develop software based on ideas from all their customers. The SAWIN staff is excellent providing support and training when requested. We would recommend SAWIN to any service company. We have 150 employees providing HVAC, plumbing, electrical and weatherization / home performance services. 90 of our employees use SAWIN Mobile to give our customers the best service experience with paperless invoicing. Of the 90 employees 30 are residential service, 8 plumbers, 4 electricians, 9 salesmen, 20 commercial and 19 residential installers. SAWIN has helped us with our continued success of 25 million in annual sales and will be a partner for many years to come.

Jeffrey Allison IT Manager, Estes Services March 23, 2016

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I am the owner of an HVAC family business established over 35 years ago. In 2006, after much research and due diligence, we converted to SAWIN from an HVAC software company that was no longer meeting our needs. Although the conversion process can typically be described with no other word than grueling, our experience was painless. In the years to follow, I would not only become an immensely satisfied customer, I would become an active partner/participant in growth and development of this all-inclusive and integrated software – from developing a timecard processing system years ago before our iPad mobile system that would sync our land based system with our installer’s phones, to a thoroughly integrated Mobile Sales application that syncs through all the applicable and pertinent modules of the land based system. The team at SAWIN has not only offered “technical support” over the years, but have listened to and implemented numerous ideas and applications that have marked effect on the growth and profitability of any company. They continue to actively advance the software to ensure they offer the most efficient effective options to maximize the user’s success. Anyone who has been in business for any length of time knows there is no “perfect” software and every software comes with its occasional frustrations. However, from a business perspective, having a software company care to learn what makes my business tick in order to maximize the use of their product, has been an unparalleled experience. If you are waiting for “THE ONE” with regard to making a decision on what software will take your company to the next level, you have found it with SAWIN.

Buffy Busik President/Owner, Mountain View Heating, Inc. March 23, 2016

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Conditioned Air Corporation (CAC) has been using the SAWIN Professional (SAWIN Pro) business solution since October of 2007. At that time, we had 129 employees and our business model was a mix of New Construction, Replacements, and Demand Service. Since one of our main reasons for switching to SAWIN was to deploy a mobile solution in the field, we outfitted our technicians with tablet PC devices, as well as mobile printing devices in each truck. With significant help from the deployment of SAWIN Pro in the back office, as well as SAWIN Mobile in the field, CAC developed a business model that allowed our company to thrive during the national, economic recession in 2008 and following years. In 2010 we implemented their mobile warehouse solution (bar-code) to better track our inventory, which has also helped us streamline our operations and cut down our “shrinkage” by 20%.
Based on our commitment to providing the highest quality of service at competitive prices, as well as the utilization of the SAWIN Pro business solution, Conditioned Air has excelled and grown by increasing our revenues without increasing overhead. This simple formula has proven quite successful and in 2010 we were recognized by ACCA as the Contractor of the Year. CAC has now expanded operations into new markets and our annual revenue has increased nearly 60% since 2008.
We have recently migrated our entire fleet of mobile technicians from the tablet PC environment to ASUS Tablets and the transition was seamless. Based on the availability of the latest technology from Service Automation, CAC has the opportunity to make solid business decisions in a rapidly changing environment.
CAC has also been very active in attending the annual SAWIN user conferences over the years where we are given the latest updates on enhancements to the SAWIN Pro software, as well as given the opportunity to share our input on how to improve the system. At the most recent conference (2013) we were so impressed with the latest incarnation of SAWIN (SAWIN PRO ENTERPRISE) that we made a commitment to upgrade to that product in 2014.
Based on the sophistication of their products, the expertise of their staff, and their commitment to evolving with changing technology, we feel that Service Automation is more than just a software provider for CAC, we feel that Service Automation is a strategic business partner that has dramatically contributed to our ongoing success! I would recommend this product to anyone committed to improving their complete business cycle.

Keith A. Walker President & COO, Conditioned Air® March 23, 2016